I challenged Deon to a series of debates before the May Republican Primary election. He refused. He said: “it’s not a game!” We were at his fundraiser. I asked three times. He said the same thing about it not being a game. He would not return the favor and attent my fundraiser.

Recently Dr. Kimberly Rose challenged him to debate her. He could not do it. She challenged him at the recent supervisor meeting. He couldn’t do it.

Curious, how he cannot debate. We know what he can’t do. It sure would have been illuminating to watch him and the challengers in action but we know why he cannot debate. He’s not good on his feet. Nervous type. Probably afraid he would confess something off-putting to the voters so he just goes into a sort of freeze/shock mode.

A debate requires thought, honesty, integrity, a set of premises and a set of principles based on those premises. It’s difficult to be a fake person during a political debate. Deon is a shouter, not a thinker and shouters lose debates. Shouters need authority to get people to obey but a debater can neither order people to like or to respect him. It’s difficult to consistently be someone else, a phony when people are watching and listening to what you say, how you say it and the body language and subtle clues about hidden elements of a false person. He shouldn’t be a supervisor unless he can debate the opposition. He has proven he cannot debate Supervisor Frank Rothermel but neither me nor Dr. Kimberly Rose are part of the government so one would think Deon who has represented Northampton would have learned how to debate. No, he has not learned the rules of being civil. It’s almost like he uses his Sargent training to threaten people into doing what he wants.

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