He’s a redistributionalist. He wants to take the money of America and give it out all over the world. His goal is to attack and destroy American values because his parents didn’t make him mono-racial. His maniacal hatred for the founding values of America is partly because he doesn’t understand them and partly because he detests the parts he does understand.

The easy way to appeal to the middle class is to frame the debate against the rich. Works everytime and it worked for Obama in his sixth State of the Union. The middle class get destroyed by deception and Obama, like his mentor Saul Alinsky, who counseled deceit in pursuit of goals, is a master of disguise. He disguises his hate of the middle class and it works because the people have been softened up for their own destruction by the constant drumbeats of: “hate money” and “hate the rich” because “they have too much money”.

Income Equality was the message from Karl Marx straight to Barack Obama. It holds out the false hope that Communism makes everyone equal so if anyone has more money it must be taken from them by any means necessary because they got it by treating people in an unequal manner to get the extra money which morally justifies the deceit and the different treatment of the rich. .

Obama also, wrongly, took 100% credit for the death of Osama binLadin when it was President Bush who started the operation and Officer and ex-SEAL Robert O’Neill who shot him three times.

Obama inflated the dollar with his overspending, of course with a willing Congress. Food prices are through the roof which is inflation in action and the lower price of gasoline isn’t enough to compensate for the inflation caused price increases. When the value of a dollar is lowered by severe but often hidden taxation the middle class loses its ability to live better as its buying power gets lowered by government action.

The money used by the Federal Government in the Stimulus is the cause of inflation because nothing of value is added as the Fed prints more money but provides noting to offset the money. Bingo! Inflation.

The entire Obama Presidency has been one long poke in the eye to Americans rich, poor and especially middle class because eventually the middle class bears the burden to pay for the excesses of government.

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