Liberals caused Charlie Hebdo, Boston and 9/11 by insisting terrorists must be imported into America and Europe. America and Europe are paying the price for the stupidity of Liberals including the recent riots in Ferguson and the murders of the policemen in Brooklyn and Florida. Thomas Sowell brilliantly captures the idea that:

“Europe is currently in the process of paying the price for years of importing millions of people from a culture hostile to the fundamental values of Western culture. And this is by no means the last of the installments of that price, to be paid in blood and lives, for smug elites’ Utopian self-indulgences in moral preening and gushing with the magic word “diversity.” America with Obama and his America-Hating regime’s enthusiastic support of open borders is following the same stupid path. Sowell continues:
“In America, “diversity” has still not yet lost its magical ability to stop thought in its tracks and banish facts into the outer darkness.

“Perhaps here, as in Europe, that verbal magic can only be washed away in the blood of innocent victims, many of them yet unborn.

“To cross our open border with Mexico, you don’t have to be Mexican or even from Central America. You can be from Iran, Syria or other hotbeds of Middle Eastern terrorism.

“It is one of the monumental examples of political irresponsibility that the southern border has not been secured during administrations of either party, despite promises and posturing.”

Irresponsible ideas and behaviors have consequences today and into the future. Those consequences are aimed at replacing the American culture with scores of lesser cultures which will cause the destruction of America. That’s the goal of the America-Haters in the Obama administration but Liberals continue to fawn all over the Obama Presidency.

“These consequences include irreversible changes in the American population. Ethnic “leaders” and welfare state goodies guarantee the fragmentation of the population, with never-ending strife among the fragments. People who enter the country illegally will get, not only equal benefits with the American people who created those benefits, they will get more than many American citizens, thanks to affirmative action.

“We cannot simply let in everyone who wants to come to America, or there will be no America to come to. Cultures matter — and not all cultures are mutually compatible, as Europeans are belatedly learning, the hard way. And “assimilation” is a dirty word to multiculturalists.”

Racism is the newest charge aimed not at increasing the charge that America is fundamentally a racist nation. Obama doesn’t want an integrated America. He want’s to “punish America”. Punish America for what he’s not too clear but the separation of the races is proceeding faster than ever.

“Dreamers” is a name for the children of illegal immigrants. Like “Racism” it’s a soft sounding word that’s disguises the Trojan Horse of the ethnic destruction of America and it’s replacement with enclaves of “no-go zones” with the law of some freedom-restricting backward medieval mystical Taliban or al-Qaida or a destroyed city like Detroit.

“It is as if those children had some pre-existing right to be in the United States, which they could lose only if they did something bad themselves. But those children had no more right to be here than children in India, Africa or other places with millions of children living in poverty.

“Surely we can think ahead enough to realize that children living in this country illegally are going to grow up and have children of their own, with cultures and values of their own — and ethnic “leaders” to promote discontent and hostility if they don’t get as good results as people who have the prevailing American culture, beginning with the English language.

“You can’t wish that away by saying the magic word “diversity” — not after we have seen what “diversity” has led to in Europe.”

Sowell is brilliant and unfortunately, prescient.

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