It’s the French Government that doesn’t understand the Right to Keep And Bear Arms. Everyone has a full set of Rights but the problem for Jews in France is the French Government doesn’t want to admit individuals have rights and among those rights is the Right to Carry. Most government’s detest gun rights for individuals and Europe is as bad as most of the rest of the world in lacking the understanding of not only why Individuals have Rights but why the government is supposed to protect those rights. It’s more important that the government recognize Liberty than it is for the government to admit they must protect individuals and their rights.

Rights come from the nature of the individual. Consider it like the eagles have a right to fly because they are eagles. Individuals have a right to carry a gun because they are individuals. Rights are attributes of each individual. Government on the other hand have no rights
Government doesn’t need rights to protect itself because government has power. Government has the monopoly on force. Rights control and offset some of that force. Government doesn’t need rights because governments have power over other people. No individual has such an attribute.

So there is no such thing as a Jew without the Right to own a gun because every individual has that right. the problem is the French government has prohibited the use of the right to carry a gun. Even the French police are forbidden to carry a gun.
If the people at Charlie Hebdo had a few small pistols as their human rights would have explained that right to them some of them could have shot back at the Terrorists. In that sense the government’s program to suppress the ability of French citizens to keep and bear arms was one factor in the Charlie Hebdo murders and the French government has within it’s powers the power to change that. In a civilized culture its tragic that more people don’t understand the difference between Rights and Powers. That ignorance made them complicit in the murders of the Charlie Hebdos.

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