Of course Al Sharpton is one of the most biased of creatures, propelled not by fairness but only by blackness. He condemned Hollywood for being: not just too white but guilty of segregation because the Academy, the President of which is Cheryl Boone-Isaacs, a black woman, only awarded one Oscar to black people. It’s not enough for Sharpton that “Selma”, a thoroughly race-centered movie (with some very biased anti-American mistakes per Maureen Dowd), was voted  “Best Picture”. That’s not sufficient for Sharpton who wants more blacks to get awards because of the color of their skin.

“SELMA” director, Los Angeles born African-American Ava DuVernay said the script originally was more favorable toward President Lyndon Johnson but DuVernay said: “I wasn’t interested in making a white savior movie.” How horrible that a talented director is so obviously and blatantly biased. (Here.)

Back to Reverand Al. Does Sharpton think Clint Eastwood isn’t black enough? Is he angry because Bradley Cooper isn’t black like Sharpton? Does Sharpton want government to regulate snipers so more will be black and regulate movies so a proper number of blacks would be used there.

But Director DuFVernay proves America blacks are capable. That black people can and should be judged by their skill and ability and who don’t need Affirmative Action; quota’s; or a shrill shill like Sharpton taking free cheap-shots against everyone he judges is insufficiently black.

Sharpton and DeVernay are wrong about Race. American elected a man with a white and a black parent. Is President Obama black enough for Sharpton? After all, President Obama is also half white.

Sharpton correctly says whites rule Hollywood where he accepts a black movie, “Selma” as “Best Picture” but he want’s blacks to be better represented in the movies like they are in TV commercials where black’s are inserted according to the laws of arithmetic, not the laws of justice.

America has many threats against it but not from black Americans. Sharpton is a dying race-monger whose star no longer shines and has gone below the horizon.

Historically, America has accommodated it’s enemies so accommodating Sharpton will be like accepting communism.  Communism has been accepted in deed, if not in word. Proof? Cuba. Multiculturalism made sure the borders are open so more illegals can join the illegals in the already illegal cities like Detroit and Milwaukee where Mosques are all over but prosperity left or is leaving. Multiculturalism has successfully Balkanized America and is continuing to divide America and people like DuVernay and Sharpton prove it.

It’s not just race based diversity, it’s economic diversity which is used to destroy Free Markets, a major achievement of Capitalism. Economic diversity doesn’t work because a controlled market moves towards the worst which is the opposite of  a free-market which moves towards the best. Government can destroy and has destroyed America’s commercial freedom by regulations which destroy freedom. Sharpton wants government to destroy the arts too by demanding blacks be unfairly represented by arithmetic, not merit.

Sharpton will give up once he goes to a basketball game..



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