He doesn’t want the rule of law to apply equally to everyone. He want’s the host country to suspend their judgments and change their responses to the lack of assimilation. He told Prime Minster Cameron and everyone in Europe: “… it’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.” Yes he did. He said Europe should not respond with law enforcement.  What’s the proper response to law breakers? To groups who block the streets and refuse to assimilate? Just let them have the public streets? Keep other people out of the neighborhoods like the South LA gangs do in LA?

Here’s the take-a-way for Obama.

The Terror stops when the Terrorists stop.

 The violence stops when the attacks stop.

Law enforcement will stop responding when the Terrorists obey the laws. 

Obama needs to step up and side with the truth and peace and he needs to speak out against the people who violate the peace with terror.

The President tried to change the truth in Ferguson by blaming the police. That caused two policemen to be murdered in New York City.


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