He said: “Hollywood is like the Rockies. The higher you go the whiter it looks.” The real problem with Rev. Al is not his anti-white bias, it’s his wrong conclusions. Twana Brawley’s false rape by white boys; his mistake about Trayvon Martin that he admitted long after he made it. Same for the infamous Crown Heights murder and his constant agitation against whites. He can be in favor of blacks 100% of the time without crossing the line into hate for the white race.

But Sharpton’s not a reasonable man. He want’s to demote white people so that black people can replace them.  He’d be well-advised to promote black people on their own instead of always finding ways to cheat them into the front rows.

Black people can do things like all other races can. their work; their talents; their achievements are diminished by being pulled up instead of rising based on merit and ability. Like the NBA and the other professional sports where black athletes succeed because they are exceptions, not because they get advantages by changing the rules.

Sharpton’s game is based on charlotry, sham, and fibs about white people. That’s what his White Hollywood remark is based on but what about all of the black actors, directors and producers who have made it big in Hollywood and because of Hollywood? We get the grievances where’s the actual fairness?  

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