This is difficult to get past the censor’s rules.
The Charlie Hebdo assassinations were Religious based attacks but they were not race based so they didn’t meet Al Sharpton’s requirements for demonstrations. Both the President and Holder are followers of Sharpton, as we’ve seen from their frequent consultations with him. He was in the White House more often than Hillary.

The President is obsessed with protecting Americans from Race-based Oppression and he’s particularly obsessed with the police. Neither issue was on the table in Paris. Neither man was interested enough to go there to join with millions of demonstrators on January 11th, 2015.

Lets admit that Europe is not on the same race page with The President, Holder or Sharpton. One would think that a large demonstration of multicultural leaders would be of sufficient interest to the community organizers but issues are vital and race is an animating issue for those three. They have successfully divided America along race lines to show the differences in the races. The Paris Demonstrations weren’t about race. 

Europeans  are not as united as Americans. Despite the blip of Obama, most Americans just don’t have a problem with race. Voters expected Obama to unite them, not split them apart over something as trivial as race.

Race is important. Race can be destiny but the most important part of the individual is existence. Race can be whooped up into an issue as a distraction from some of the failures of the Obama years but go back to the beginning. 

American government was tasked with protecting the individual and protection trumps race. Race was vital to the formation of The United States. To prevent the slave states from dominating the coalition government the founders implemented  the first race-counting laws which eventually made it easy to stop slavery. Europeans never quite got the Liberty thing and they sort of bypassed the slavery thing because Europe wasn’t able to grow cotton. Jefferson and the Americans knew they had to stop slavery but the knew only a government had the power to do it. 

America’s battle against slavery killed more Americans than WWII. Europe never had to deal with that.

Obama needs to learn it.   



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