The General Director of the European Jewish Association wants European Jews to carry guns. Rabbi Menachem channeled Thomas Jefferson; realized everyone has a Right To Carry a Gun; called for European Jews to be armed; and that “the Right to keep and bear arms” should be recognized in Europe like it is in America.


Unfortunately, Rabbi Menachem isn’t concerned with Liberty, only safety but if he’s successful getting permission for Jews, who he says should be “personally armed” he will have persuaded the Rulers of Europe to take a major step in the direction of American Liberty.

Europe isn’t America where Jews can protect themselves as well as demand that their government protect them too. Jefferson’s magnificent discovery that individuals have Rights that are enforceable against the rest of the world. Europe never did that but Rabbi Menachem will be successful once he learns what Jefferson and the Americans knew over 230 years ago, viz., Jews have Individual Rights too. Here.

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