It’s more than a war. A war is rather simple to stop either by winning or surrendering. Terrorism is a guerilla war where it’s almost impossible to identify each combatant, Remember Vietnam? It was a guerilla war but France and America had to fight it with a conventional military. Both great powers lost, partly because of the political battles in America by students and others who opposed the war and partly because the Vietcong always had more people to fight despite the large numbers of guerillas who were killed.
The War on Terror is not really a religious war either, at least none of the combatants have called it that because neither side understands that a big component of both the Muslims who are on the offence and the Christians who are on the defense, is completely religious. ISIS has explosive weapons even though no religion has ever described explosive weapons in their sacred books.

Islam counsels swords, not guns like the Charlie Hebdo assassins used. If the attacks followed the dictates of Islam the murderers would have used swords or at least knives, not Kalashnikov’s. Regardless of what the murderers said or shouted, they were not following the Koran.

If The West wants to follow their bibles to fight the Terrorists they are then limited to the weapons in the Bible, right? Machine Guns weren’t around during the Bible years. Gunpowder wasn’t invented back then so bullets aren’t on the official Bible-Based Ammunition List. Just because someone want’s to claim their religious beliefs justify murder doesn’t mean they are correct. In addition as has been proven true, Religious motives don’t justify murder.

So one element needed to stop Religious Based Assassinations is to show that they are not based in religion at all.

Then there’s the matter of geography. None of the Bible events happened in France. So the Terrorists should follow the geography of the bible and keep it in the Middle East where everything happened.

The idea that the Crusades need to be avenged should start with the idea that much of the Crusade stuff happened in Northern and Northeastern Europe. During the Bible epoch that was a few months journey away from the Middle East. But even worse for the argument that the assassinations of 9/11 were based in religion is preposterous. New York wasn’t around when the Bible happened. Neither was America so what’s the bible or religious connection to Boston, Paris or Manhattan none of which come along for a thousand years in the future? there is none. Let’s get it right if the Terrorists want to insist their assassinations are bible-based, … which they are not.

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