Rush had a comment from a blogger who posed the idea of a sleeper cell operating in the White House. Is that possible?

Islam is neither Progressive nor Left. Certainly they are not Tea Party Types. Neither are they so sophisticated as to be able to infiltrate an ISIS agent into the White House but; ……

The possibility that the White House houses no foreign agents is zero, with George Soros and his ilk so welcomed there. And since Obama gave a pre-campaign speech in Egypt, a Muslim nation and culture, a sleeper cell wouldn’t be necessary. They could walk in the front door and they’d be welcomed into the Oval Office.

Soros is another matter. He’s openly with Obama. He’s provided millions, maybe billions to his Left Wing Causes especially thru Move and he’ll help “the Hillary” along with Obama’s campaign puppets. A sleeper cell from the Left is a possibility especially since the connection to the Communist Party was discovered at the Ferguson and the Anti-Police demonstrations. provided marching signs sympathetic to the Ferguson and the Anti-Police demonstrations. Stratfor shows the new nationalism gaining ground in Europe to oppose the Terrorists and Europe certainly has agents in America, at least at the United Nations.

So the possibility exists for loads of foreign agents to be in the White House or at least in the Obama Administration. Obama has burned his connections to Europe and to the Republicans of America. Sleeper Cell? Probably, yeah, and more than one.   

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