Things are upside down. Like we asked “Where’s Obama?” he wasn’t the only major leader among the missing in Paris. Putin didn’t show up either. Did they talk before the Demonstration?

Apparently Obama now believes he made a mistake not going to Paris. He sure did. It was a major foreign policy faux pas and he didn’t have to learn French to realize he messed up not going to Paris. Plenty of Americans are mad at him.

But Obama has ways to get back on the right side of the people who seem ready to forgive him or at least overlook his mistakes.

His mistake was even worse because President Abbas was there in the front row marching along with Benjamin Netanyahu. Even enemies were together in Paris for an all too brief moment but not Obama. Not Putin. That was more than a breach of etiquette. It was a disaster in the fight against the Terrorists.

The problem going foreword is: Obama’s record protecting terrorists is very visible. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet”. What about others who speak out and slander other leaders? Are they supposed to be murdered for what they say, think and write like Charlie Hebdo’s staff?
What is Obama’s position on solving terror? What does he propose? Why hasn’t he spoken out against Terror during the last six years? Why did he call the Foot Hood murders “workplace Violence”? Why isn’t he leading the charge against Terrorist and Terrorists? Why is he so weak, so pusillanimous against Terror? Why is he so weak and pusillanimous in support of freedom?

Obama pushed “The Video” as the root cause of the murders of four innocent Americans in Benghazi. He announced it to the world at the United Nations. The Video is supposed to be not only protected by the American Government, it’s supposed to be supported because it’s free speech, regardless of what it’s about.

But. As The Federalist’s David Harsanyi notes, the American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan paid for an aired an advertisement showing both Obama and then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton condemning the video.

“We absolutely reject its content and message,” Clinton says in the ad.

WHAT! Hillary said she Rejects It’s CONTENT!

Content is what Charlie Hebdo’s people were all about and now they’ve been murdered. Content is a large part of why world leaders marched in Paris. Content is what’s supposed to be protected, not condemned by American Leaders, at least by American Leaders who give a damn about America, American’s and American Values.

It is what it is. It would be better otherwise but it’s only what it is. Dammit!

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