Maybe it’s a religious war or maybe it’s against Liberty but those aren’t excuses which somehow justify murder. That’s all the War Against The West is. Murder by Mutts. Murders by failed humans.

The Paris Rally was a massive success in showing that murder is wrong. Perhaps some murderers are still furious over the Catholic Inquisition which killed non-Catholics or because of the Crusades which sent armies commanded by Popes into the Middle East to murder Muslims. No one alive today bears any guilt for those events. No Guilt, so justification for murder. None.

Murder is relatively simple to understand. Murderers murder people. There’s no excuse for murder. Murder on the massive scale of Terror needs to be stopped on a massive scale. The massive Paris Rally showed millions of people want the Terrorists and their conspirators caught, judged and punished ASAP. Regardless of where they run, they need to be captured. “They” includes their trainers, their collaborators, their accomplices, their conspirators, their helpers and probably  many of their sympathizers. The sanctuaries need to be closed to them because these murders are worse than just murders, they are crimes against humanity. They outrage humans and the perps are not fully human.  

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