The President went out of his way yesterday to talk to “the people of France”.
Here’s’ part of what he said as it was reported by Reuters:
“I want the people of France to know that the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow,” Obama said during a trip to Tennessee.

“In the streets of Paris the world’s seen once again what terrorists stand for: they have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering. And we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings. And that’s what the city of Paris represents to the world.”

Nor did the President say anything about what America represents. Nor did he say anything about Terrorist attacks in Great Britain because as we know he doesn’t stand with the people of Great Britain because of his belief’s about what Great Britain did almost 300 years ago to it’s colonies and especially what Great Britain did to Kenya.

Never mind that no one living today had anything to do with what happened in the past. Nor does America stand for anything great in the mind of the President because of his judgment of and his acceptance of the guilt by race of many Americans.

Why didn’t he say he stood with the police and the people of America after mob’s burned Ferguson Mo. businesses? Why didn’t he say that after the murders of the New York policemen by a Terrorist?

He can be given credit if he truly has changed his views about the Terrorists and now has some ideas about stopping them that are vastly different than his views about the Fort Hood Terrorist when he called his murders against the America Military: “workplace violence”. Perhaps, …but excuse those who recognize hollow words when they hear them.

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