For example: Terrorism is not about Muslims, it’s about murderers. Religion is a distraction. 9/11 was a crime against humanity, as are all of the Terrorist attacks. They’re simply murder. The attacks in Paris at Charlie Hebdo are mass murders. The perps are mass murderers. Don’t over-think this. Murder is a crime in every culture.

But Religion is a distraction from the crimes. Stop feeding the distraction. Stop thinking the Terrorist Murders are religion based. They are simply murders. The Terrorists are just murderers. Stop feeding the distraction of religion.
Religion is being used as an excuse for doing it and to excuse it after it’s done.

Fight the crime. Murder is the crime. Religion is the excuse and the Liberals have joined the murderers. The Liberals in America are spinning in a frenzy to prove it’s about America attacking Islam. Nonsense. America has religious freedom. that includes Muslims. What America doesn’t have is toleration for murder.

Once religion is recognized as a distraction in The War On Terror all sorts of responses become available. Once America realizes The War Against Terrorists is against Terror, the crimes and the Terrorists  are put into sharper focus and become easier to stop.

The way to stop a terrorist is not to target his religion but his crimes and the people who support his criminal activities. Terrorists have very distorted ideas about Jews, Americans and The West but who cares if a terrorist is for Islam or Against America? The reason to target a terrorist, a terror cell or a terror-based culture is to stop murder.

Josef Stalin murdered millions because he was a malevolent man. Same for Hitler, Idi Amin or any other despot. What did it matter if he went to religious services or not? He should have been stopped because he murdered people. Period. That’s how to deal with Terrorists. Capture them or stop them because they are despots, not because they seem to be some variant of Islam. They deserve to be captured and stopped because they murder or plan to murder.

Where do they hide? Wherever they hide is subject to being searched. Instead of defending the religious freedom of a sanctuary, follow the process to enter an edifice because it is hiding Terrorists.

No culture can win a religious war. Even if a religion is suppressed for hundreds of years it will re-emerge with the old grievances intact. The way to fight and win a religious war is largely unknown but the way to fight a guerilla movement is: well, fighting like a guerilla is not the same as winning against guerilla’s but it’s been done in Central and South America.

 One way for certain to lose a guerilla war like in Cuba is to do what Obama just did. Give up. That’s the Obama playbook as we see from Iraq, Afghanistan, The Crimea and now Cuba.

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