The book is: “How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against the Badasses Who Ran This Country” by Daniel O’Brian. The advice is: “Join the Tea Party”.

President Obama seems to make more wrong decisions than any past President so there are lots of people, people who really don’t like to fight and really, really don’t want to fight with the government let alone with the Commander in Chief of the biggest and best Military on the planet. Those people however have been goaded into wanting to fight some of President Obama’s bad and wrong ideas. they disagree with some of what he’s done. They want some of his decisions reversed.  

The Republicans are expected not only to fight with the President but to win. That’s the purpose of fighting, except President Obama didn’t care about winning in the Middle East, Cuba, or The Crimea to name just a few of the places where he lost.

 Some say he didn’t lose, he just quit.

Yes, that’s what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan. America is still in danger from the Middle East. The problem for America is  the other side didn’t quit. That’s called a win but not for the President. People don’t like to lose unless they have something more to gain by losing than winning but that’s not what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba or the Crimea.

Daniel’s book isn’t about fighting President Obama. The Republican’s recent victories in various elections however show lots of people really do want the Republicans to fight the President’s bad policies, decisions and actions and they are serious and they want the Republicans to win. It’s about much more than winning for the Republicans. Many Democrats and Independents want Obamacare stopped, Other’s want it seriously changed from being forced onto people to just changing some of the rules for insuring people against really crippling medical charges.

It’s too far along for Obamacare to be stopped but the mandates upset many. many people. Being forced to pay for things they won’t ever need is another part of the forced insurance plan some people don’t like and, unfortunately, fighting President Obama is what has to be done. The fighting must be respectfully and lawfully. It must be done in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It isn’t the way America is supposed to be but, on the other hand, it’s why the government was separated into three branches. That’s the biggest fight because the President has been legislating which he’s not allowed to do. He’s been dictating which is repugnant to the American system of Government. Republicans have been elected to stop illicit behavior in the White House so the title of O’Brien’s book is timely.      




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