How did the rest of the world sit by when Putin took Crimea from Ukraine? What’s the difference between that and Saddam Hussein taking Kuwait from Kuwait? Is it that Saddam didn’t take Kuwait from a different country?
Putin was far more clever than Saddam. He held and election and asked if Russia should take back the Crimea. The voters must be the permission givers so that’s why Saddam was ousted from Kuwait. He didn’t let the Irzq people vote to take Kuwait while Putin held and election. An election makes things Democratic. An invasion without an election is different than an invasion with and election first.


The difference between Kuwait and Crimea is none. Both invasions were wrong. Neither invasion was justified by any stretch of any law in the universe. Putin should be kicked out of Crimea but who has the will and the ability to do that? the United Nations? President Obama?

Certainly not Obama. Obama is only interested in fighting against the United States because it’s a segregated, racist country that oppresses black people. . . . . . developing

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