There’s a case against the New York Police Department for conducting surveillance “against Muslims” that’s going to be heard in the Federal Courthouse in Philly at 6th and Market on Tuesday, January 13 at 10:00 AM that has been lost once. The hearing Tuesday is an appeal from that loss. The case is titled “Hassan v. the City of New York”. You can read the documents HERE.

Hassan has friends who joined him to sue the NYPD. The Council of Imams and others joined Hassan who is suing New York City for the violation of their Civil Rights “Under Color Of Law”. The case number is:14-1688-cv. The issue is whether or not the government can spy on people because of their religion, specifically because they are Muslims.

Quoted From The Muslim Side: “This is a civil rights action based upon the United States Constitution and 42 U.S.C. § 1983, to remedy the illegal and unconstitutional targeting of New Jersey Muslims for surveillance based solely upon their religion by the New York City Police Department (“NYPD” or “Department”). Plaintiffs seek an injunction prohibiting the NYPD from targeting them for unconstitutional surveillance, expungement of all records made pursuant to past unlawful spying, a declaratory judgment, and compensatory and nominal damages.”

That’s what the Muslims and their friends say. It’s from their statement to the court. They leave out the word Terrorists. They leave out the many attacks on people by Terrorists that have been going on since The Munich Massacre of Jewish Olympians at the Olympics in 1972. The attacks by the Muslims were because of their religion and the different religion of their victims, but the attacks were not made by all Muslims. Only by a rather small number.

America stands for Individual Rights and certainly that includes the Right to practice religion unless in the practice of that Right the Rights of Others are violated. In other words, the terrorists attacks of the Jewish Olympians would violate their right to be Jewish. Simultaneously it would violate a lot of additional Rights possessed by the Jewish Olympians.

Neither the attack of the Jewish Olympians nor the attacks by Terrorists of the World Trade Center and surrounding buildings can be justified as an attack on the non-Muslim religion of the victims.  No law anywhere in the Universe would justify that. No law justifies murder. Killing people during a war is not justified except for a very limited number of reasons. Terrorism is one of them. Surveillance of terrorists is Justified. Surveillance of people only because of their religion is not but. The but is the reason the Muslims lost the first time. The Muslims were not targeted because of their religion but because of terrorism. The NYPD can spy on the entire universe to prevent terrorist attacks not only on Americans but on anyone.

Hassan and the other people suing New York City  are supported by many friends and other groups who filed additional papers with the court to offer additional reasons New York should not only stop the spying against suspected terrorists but it should destroy all their files, information and ideas about the surveillance and also pay the so-called victims for their trouble. In addition Hassan and friends want the City of New York punished by forcing them to pay even more money as a penalty to help ensure they won’t fo it again.

Will the court rule again in favor of new York or will the Appeals Court rule against the Federal Court’s dismissal of the case? The betting is not on the side of Hassan because of the tremendous weight of the thousands of innocent people killed by terrorists because of their religion. The odds on bet is on the side of City of New York.

The United Nation weighed in on the side of New York. Not directly of course but on November 19, 2014 Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a Jordanian prince and the first UN human rights chief from the Muslim and Arab world, told the UN Security Council that by calling for a campaign led by Muslims to undermine the ideology of the Islamic State terrorist group, saying this may ultimately be more effective than airstrikes. a caliphate, or Islamic state, the group is exploiting “a general yearning” shared by many Muslims the world over.

But he stressed that many Muslims are opposed to the terrorist group for the crimes it has committed in enforcing its ideology, which likely amount to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

That’s wonderful news. Good for the good Muslims.



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