Political Psychiatry Prisoners are dissenters who are “jailed” in psychiatric hospitals. The Soviet Union was famous for prosecuting these thought criminals who had the wrong ideas about government. President Obama are you listening?

Taking away guns was never necessary in the Soviet Union. No private guns were tolerated. Only the Gestapo, oh, sorry, wrong dictatorship, only the KGB could have weapons but America has the Second Amendment which gives politicians fits as they try to disarm the country. The American Gun-Grabbers are smarter than that. They abuse Psychiatry to get around the Second Amendment.

Some history:

“In the Soviet Union, a systematic political abuse of psychiatry took place and was based on the interpretation of political dissent as a psychiatric problem. It was called “psychopathological mechanisms” of dissent.

“During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used as a tool to eliminate political opponents (“dissidents”) who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted official dogma.[4] The term “philosophical intoxication” was widely used to diagnose mental disorders in cases where people disagreed with leaders.

In America the politicians are more nuanced. They declare someone “psychologically unfit”, then they take the guns as they did recently to Mr. Montgomery in New York.

From American Thinker: “New York State Police ordered the permanent confiscation of Mr. Montgomery’s registered handguns after he sought treatment for insomnia. The confiscation was ordered under Cuomo’s “SAFE Act” gun-control law.

“The allegations in the case are downright scary. The complaint contends that Montgomery, a Navy veteran and retired police officer who rose to the rank of detective sergeant during his 30-year career, voluntarily sought treatment for insomnia at a hospital on Long Island in May of 2014 after relocating to a new home several hundred miles from his previous residence.

“According to the suit, the hospital diagnosed the plaintiff as “mildly depressed,” and his clinical evaluation stated, “Patient has no thoughts of hurting himself. Patient has no thoughts of hurting others. Patient is not having suicidal thoughts. Patient is not having homicidal thoughts…” and “there is no evidence of any psychotic processes, mania, or OCD symptoms. Insight, judgment, and impulse control are good.” The suit further alleges that a psychiatrist told the plaintiff, “I don’t know why you were referred here. You don’t belong here.”

“Nonetheless, the suit contends that five days after being discharged from the hospital, the local sheriff’s department showed up at Montgomery’s door and seized his four registered handguns, including his former duty sidearm, after the sheriff had been subjected to “repeated pressure” by the New York State Police, who claimed that Montgomery had been declared mentally defective and had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

Get it? Government didn’t put him in the psychiatric ward. They just used the police to get his guns because they said he shouldn’t have them. How fleeting is this virtue called Liberty.

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