If you see a crime and don’t report it are you an accessory? Probably.

If you see crimes and wrongly on purpose blame the police are you committing an actual crime? The President did that after the Ferguson Riots. So did The Attorney General. They crossed the line and purposely blamed the police for arresting criminals.

That made them accessories after the fact. That’s a crime. Both Obama and Holder are lawyers. They know better yet they persisted  to ignore the perpetrators but they went even further. They actually blamed the police. That compounds the cover-up of the crimes of the rioters and criminals by avoiding blaming them for their rioting then shifting the blame onto the police.

 Mayor deblasio who should know better than anyone the effects of “snitches get stiches” because he supports covering up crimes and then wrongly blaming the police. Anyone who refuses to report the crimes of the criminals and them purposely blames the police for arresting criminals is also guilty of being an accessory to the crimes. These are poor leaders.  

Obama started blaming the police when Professor Gates was arrested. Obama called the arrest “stupid”. Same for Obama saying Trayvon Marten who was shot while sitting on top of Zimmerman wailing away at his head and Obama did it again with Michael Brown and Eric Garner. But Gates went way over the line trying to fix the problems of slavery by practically daring the police to arrest him. He was arrested. Obama blamed the police and invited Gates and the arresting officer to the White House where the police officer repeated the reasons Gates was arrested. Obama was siding with the Perp against the cop. Shame on the President.


What should the President have done in the Gates matter? He should have stayed out of it. Instead he rushed to judgment; decided Gates was innocent; that he was arrested because he was black and that the arresting officer wsould come to the White House and apologize. 

At the very least the President should know enough to get the facts before blaming the police. He missed a tremendous opportunity to tell people to stop acting stupid to the police. He should have thanked the arresting officer for doing his duty and enforcing the law. Instead, the President acted like an accomplice. A teaching moment not only wasted but destroyed.

The media does not report most of the race based riots in America. They failed to report many of the race based riots and flash mob robberies at malls. Over the Christmas holidays they purposely ignored mass robberies  in Texas City, Texas, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, San Antonio, Chicago,  the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis, Orlando, Nashville, Independence, Mo., and other places. Last year, the Kansas City Council discussed imposing a curfew to curtail the regular and frequent black mob violence at the upscale Country Club Plaza, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver advised against it: “All we are going to do is make a lot of black kids angry,” he said. “And they will just take out their anger someplace else.” (HERE).  and (HERE). That’s somewhat worse than just ignoring  facts. They compound their bad behavior by actually suppressing facts and they do something far worse. They distort and twist the facts to support their own narrative.

That’s just what the President, The Attorney General and Al Sharpton did in the notorious cases of Professor Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

They have been getting away with it but now the cellphone cameras are capturing the actions of these perps and letting everyone see the facts. Now we can call those who spin the false narratives accessories because we can see how they distort the facts to protect the guilty then blame the innocent. They belong on the bottom rung of hell.


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