Probably not, ….. at least not right away. No one want’s to see the people who live in geographic Ukraine continue to be threatened by Putin, Russia and the CIS but no one want’s the people of Ukraine to be ruled by what amounts to gangsters and thugs, the legacy of decades of being ruled by the U.S.S.R. either. At the moment there’s no third choice.

President Petro Poroshenko has been guided by opportunism rather than being a leader who want’s freedom for the Ukrainians. Ivan Lozowy told the New York Times, that “[Petro Poroshenko] bought his way in; that’s the way it works in Ukraine.”

Corruption, unfortunately, is so often just a part of government Corruption is a way of life in Ukraine because of it’s beat-down by the former Soviet Union.  Corruption in Eastern Europe is dangerous, nothing like the Tea Party battles in America Corruption in the third world is not about issues like the lack of Individual Rights. Politics in Ukraine is just the way dirty politicians make deals for benefits. Fundamentally and unfortunately Ukraine is no different than Putin’s Russia although, perhaps, Russia is a bit better since the U.S.S.R. blew apart.

Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe according to the Corruption Perceptions Index. It is also 144th out of 175 nations.

There are however many reasons NATO and America should get involved with the problems of Ukraine. Unfortunately, there seem to be a large number of reasons for America to keep out of Ukraine’s and Russia’s business. But there are oppressed people there. It’s difficult, perhaps mostly impossible for people to do battle against a determined government which includes the police, the military and the courts. That’s why external intervention or at least external interest can be the needed trigger to get more freedom.

But freedom is America’s discovery, not in the sense of the discovery of the idea but certainly in execution. It’s not shared by lots of other cultures. Some cultures are against it. So the idea to help Ukraine become more free may not be well supported by the Ukrainian people. It’s just very frustrating to watch Putin score the Crimea and most likely Eastern Ukraine. Damn.

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