Blame Albany, Washington D.C. and Manhattan’s Gracie Mansion for the rather heartless imposition of extortionary taxes on the purchasing of cigarettes for the death of Eric Garner. The police and Eric Garner himself were the direct causes of his death at the hands of the police on Staten Island but the proximate cause was taxation. He should not have died because of a tax on cigarettes.
The penalty for not paying a tax should be the payment of the tax, not being jumped by four police, wrestled to the ground then lying there unconscious.

Perhaps Garner didn’t die because no one administered oxygen but being pushed onto a concrete sidewalk began a sequence that ended with him dead. Who’s fault? Who started the series of events that caused the death of Eric Garner? The laws.

Who is responsible for the laws? Technically, every citizen, because the government is supposed to represent the will and wishes of the people modified by the rules of the Constitutions but the people have clean hands here. The government is dirty.

The police who took down Garner can be said to have been doing their jobs but what about their priorities? Was arresting Garner for not paying the taxes on a few cigarettes more important than everything else that needed to be enforced on Staten Island that day at that time? No, of course not.

Let’s not overlook the culpability of the busybody who called the police and demanded Garner be forced away from his chosen position on a public sidewalk. It was done before and it worked so the busybody did it again and Garner was killed because of the phone call. Damn, that’s wrong.

What should be done? The cops were judged innocent and that makes sense. They were doing their jobs but the jobs they were doing should not have needed to be done. The police should not have been inclined to jump, tackle and tie-up Eric Garner for not paying the tax on the sale of loose cigarettes. regardless of whether or not he bought the cigarettes and paid the taxes when he bought them, his crime was not paying the tax on selling them.

They were his cigarettes. The police have almost no business collecting taxes or enforcing tax law. He was selling in a public area. Was he “allowed” to sell cigarettes there? Don’t even ask such a silly question. What he was doing and where he was doing it is fully and completely protected by the idea of Individual Rights. He should not have attracted the attention of the police if America was still in the business of protecting the rights of the individual. Unfortunately, all that is mostly ignored. Individual Rights are not protected as well as they should be by the government that exists only to do that.

But here we are. Living without the protection of the law, at least as far as selling things we acquire. Quibble about whether he bought the cigarettes in Virginia or New York but you should learn the ideas of Individual Rights and the protections they are supposed to be given by the very police who jumped Eric Garner. This was an outrage.

If Al Sharpton wants to lead a demonstration of black Americans let him go in front of Gracie Mansion. Let him confront his very close friend the Mayor of New York City, Warren Wilhelm, Jr., aka phony “Bill” de Blasio with one of his angry mobs.

A little known fact about phony “Bill: is that, according to the NY Times, he went to Nicaragua to help the Sandinista’s against then President Reagan.

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