It’s because of: “The System”. The Constitution makes America Unique. The Individual Freedom’s make the American Constitution Unique.

The Uniqueness caused The Exceptionalism.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights declares individuals have duties to the community. A duty is the opposite of a Right. The United Nations gives control of individuals to the community, not to themselves.

Compare and contrast George Washington to Barack Obama. Washington can be said to have loved America. For Obama the case is the complete opposite yet America continues to thrive. Why?

Obama is dedicated to diminishing America’s place in the world. He has decided to appease the enemies of America and has refused to reward the friends. Why?

Or is Obama’s removal of sanctions on Cuba the beginning of a strategy to remove Communism and replace it with Capitalism? If so, it won’t work because Cuba is ruled by Marxism, the opposite of Capitalism which requires freedom. Marxism requires a tyrant. Cuba has the most restrictive system of human government. Making life easier for the dictator, for Raul Castro will make it easier for him to continue to rule the Cuban people. It’s not about getting more profit for Cuban cigars which has already happened. It’s about getting more freedom for the oppressed Cubans.

Or is Obama’s opening of Cuba part of showing how wrong American policy was when the arms embargo was first instituted?

About 190 nations trade with Cuba. America does not, or at least until Obama removed the sanctions. The effect of 190 nations did not remove the prohibition of Human Rights to the Cuban people. In effect, by a vote of 190 to 1 the policy of 190 nations has been wrong. America was the exception until Barack Obama. Obama supports the dictatorship of Cuba.

What should Obama have done? How about removing the restrictions against Americans buying Cuban cigars in exchange for a Free Press? Or in exchange for Free Speech? Or in exchange for the removal of gun control?

Imagine what would happen if Cuban Citizens could buy arms; pistols and rifles. How long would Castro remain in charge of an armed Cuban population?

America is still exceptional even though the current President doesn’t agree.

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