The War Against America begins when children are taught to hate the privileged people. Speeches that attack “the Privileged” or “the Police” are nothing more than Hate Speech. America is a safe haven for hate speech because America is the home of Free Speech but two Staten Island police officers were murdered because of hate for which the evidence is the hate speech against the police. Their murders are part of the broader “War on America” which is caused by actions that are based on the idea to “Hate America”.

Hate Speech is a consequence of hate. The speech is not the problem. Hate is the problem.

Hate is learned. Hate is taught. Hate is covered up by most American Politicians and American Media when they publish for example the number of blacks killed by the police but fail to publish the number of people of all races killed by the police. The President is guilty as well as Al Sharpton and the media for assisting in the cover-up.

The broader problem is the barrage of Hate Speech against The West. Millions accept the wrong idea that the prosperity of The West caused the poverty of the third world. The idea that the West is the enemy is borne out in “Barack Obama The Story” by David Maraniss in a letter to his mother where Obama wrote he was just hired by Business International. He wrote he was “working for the enemy”; page 488 and that he was “like a spy behind enemy lines” because he was working for a business and American is the home of Capitalism which is based on the freedom to engage in business.

The President is super smart, getting mostly “A’s” at Columbia and becoming the first “black” president of the Harvard Law Review. But some of the brilliance is mis-guided, the part that is against the West as is clear from “Barack Obama, the Story”.
At age 12 or 13, Obama decided he “cease to advertise” the race of his mother. That’s on page 286. For those who would quibble that it’s out of context, read again his words. It’s as clear as the air you are breathing. The context is the definitions of the words: “ceased to advertise” the race of my mother. He was and still is half white in the arithmetical sense but not in his thinking. That’s caused political problems. That’s caused media problems because it misleads people by not being truthful. The media supports the narrative that blames the West, condemns the West and identifies with anger against the West and because of that, two Staten Island police are dead.

The part of the American culture that condemns hate speech fails to admit their own hate and their hate speech against America. “Viewed in full, hate crimes against the West — against Americans, against Westerners and against groups and religions identified as pro-Western — run into the millions. they are the main Hate Crimes perpetrated on a global scale…” (HERE).

Will those guilty of hate against America be brought to Justice? Will the rioters even face consequences? The culpability of the President, his Attorney General and the Rousers of the Rabble is known. The President incites sort of quietly but he made it clear he sympathizes with the rioters. So the innocent victims will see no justice. That’s unfortunate. America needs to find a way to stop it’s leaders from continuing to incite riots, fires and murders. The leaders need to stop hating America.

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