So wrote Thomas Sowell in 2008. The Presidents primary line of attack is to enforce the laws he wants and to not enforce the laws he doesn’t like. Oh well, …….. two more heartbreaking years.

Why is the President doing so much to harm America?

Part of the answer is his conviction America is racist. He amplified his ideas saying that “something about the density or scale of New York he wrote, made him finally ‘grasp the almost mathematical precision with which with which America’s race and class problems joined; the depth, the ferocity, of resulting tribal wars; the bile that flowed freely not just out on the streets but in the stalls of Columbia’s bathrooms as well, where, no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with the blunt correspondence between n—–s and ki–s.'”

The bathroom walls in Columbia University constitutes the most compelling evidence that America and Americans are racist? Really? Bathroom Philosophy proves something? Really? That’s positively nuts. That’s pathological hate made visible on a printed page, in this case, page 437 in “Barack Obama” by Maraniss.

Maraniss also found that other Columbia students didn’t support the Presidents ideas about “Tribal Wars” but Obama is more than just gratuitous or condescending about his whiteness, he is far from both the black and the white mainstream regarding race, racism and the attitudes of most of the people. Actual racist behaviors were rare in Manhattan during the two years Obama was there. He had two white girlfriends at Columbia. Alexandra McNear and Genevieve Cook. Read that again. White Girlfriends, Not black girlfriends, white girlfriends. The book “Barack Obama” is strangely missing the names of his black girlfriends.

At Columbia Obama had not retinue of white friends. Most of his friends were not white and by then he had almost ten years to home his blackness so he’s not a good man to trust for being objective about race. In fact, he’s among the most biased Americans, leaving friends like Rev’s Wright and Sharpton in his wake.
He’s a bi-racial who had problems adjusting when he was young when he decided not to acknowledge his white mother because it ingratiated” him to white people.

The quote from him that’s in his book, “Dreams From My Father”.

“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13 when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

This statement comes from the introduction to Dreams from My Father (p. xv), as part of a passage in which Barack Obama spoke of the difficulties of growing up as the child of mixed-race parents.

That’s a very big deal because he admits the suppression of his whiteness. There are loads of reasons but the essential point is the suppression.

Those dysfunctional personality problems continue to baffle him; the result is a dysfunctional President who cannot accommodate a polyglot culture like America. {Perhaps.}

His position is to go with black as a knee-jerk reaction but he’s bi-racial, not black. He’s therefore dysfunctional so far as race.

The suspicion is he cannot admit to himself that he is a full 50% white. Just as a rattlesnake coils to amplify it’s power, the President is always on guard and has retaliated based on his views about his black father and his own blackness. The man is neither happy nor well-adjusted with his whiteness so he is psychologically conflicted. The conflict is far from resolved and because of the conflict he chooses sides in the Race issue and his choice is against whites. If he was more white in his epistemology at least to the point of admitting his mother is white so he’s part white, his personality would be far less conflicted but it isn’t so he isn’t. His intellect is coiled in rage but not just against white people. He’s against Europeans too as he demonstrated when he removed the Churchill bust from the oval office and against Israel based on his actions while in the White House.

The man is dis-adjusted not only in his personality but in his Metaphysical view of people. He takes sides because that’s a form of revenge which derives from his anti-whiteness.

Obama had a wonderful opportunity to show how the races can thrive together in America. This is the only place where that’s possible but he has no idea about how that’s can be done.

I’ve been to 92 countries, so far. I’ve worked and played together with enough well-adjusted people to know how Obama could have helped race relations and to know as well what he did that’s wrong. He will finish two more years of heartache for the races. It will be the job of his successors to get America back to being America.

His mother and father were too caught up with sexual passion to realize the difficulties for a bi-racial son or to prepare themselves to properly raise him. But he’s been an un-adjustable adult more than long enough to deal with his abnormalities and to correct them.

He could have and should have transcended at the very least his part black nature. His pathology created his very flawed Epistemology and that’s unfortunate.

Finally, his pathology favors the Palestinians. That’s been obvious since he directed Netanyahu to leave the White House by a side door. He’s been a lurking predator towards Israel which is explained by his hatred for Great Britain, Europeans in general and non-blacks. The man is a menace to the American idea. What explains that level of rage if not his pathology?

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