Where are the sick people who need medical care?

The New York Times refuses to tell us. Instead “They Lie!” The title of the New York Times Article is a Masterpiece of Deception. The Times asks: “Who Would Have Health Insurance if Medicaid Expansion Weren’t Optional” They fail to use a question mark because even though it’s written as a question it’s not a question. That’s deceptive. That’s Propaganda by the New York Times and that’s just how Propaganda works. Use the truth then bend it a bit. Bending the truth turns it into a lie.

They begin with a question that’s not a question and continue to deceive us by mis-directing our thoughts from the sick to National Insurance.

So their question which isn’t a question goes on to provide facts but not facts about the insurance scam that’s called “Obamacare”. Like it’s namesake, Obamacare is deception. It’s insurance, not medical care. It’s based on getting the rich to pay for everyone else’s doctor bills. It’s paying full price for all medical care for everybody but only charging the rich. The rich pay for the poor and the rich pay for themselves. That’s exactly what a Ponzi Scheme is. That’s what Bernie Madoff did and when he got caught he went to jail forever. President Obama however is being revered by the crooks for scamming the rich and getting them to pay for health insurance for the not-so-rich and the poor. The scam is the sin.

Insurance isn’t a gamble. It’s a way to spread the risk of the cost of a catastrophe, like death, so that the people who live longer pay for the people who don’t. It’s arithmetic and the arithmetic reveals the truth about insurance. Everybody pays; everybody who pays benefits but some people pay less and benefit more while others pay more and benefit less.

Obamacare is Insurance with the costs and benefits carefully hidden. that’s deceptive. How do we know Obamacare is a lie? Gruber told us.

The scheme of lying M.I.T. Professor Jonathon Gruber is based on keeping the truth hidden. The scheme of the lying New York Times . They are supposedly stating facts. Supposedly “Telling The Truth” but it’s a massive charade. (HERE).

Here’s the truth. The idea of taking care of the people who want to buy insurance is vastly different than taking care of the people who are actually sick. Obamacare is two lies. One, that the government will pay the doctor and two, you won’t have to pay when you use a doctor because you will only pay for Obamacare. Two wrongs don’t make it right. two lies don’t make it true. Obamacare is based on lies on top of lies. That doesn’t make the lies true.

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