On Tuesday, Dec 23 he/they didn’t know cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley texted he was going to shoot two cops. They don’t accept the Race War their darling Obama re-started nor that Al Sharpton and Eric Holder helped cause Brinsley to shoot two cops in uniform in their patrol car in Brooklyn. For crying out loud. How out of touch are these chuckleheads?

Obviously the editor doesn’t look at Fox News.
If they did they would know not only did Ismaaiyl make his intentions known, he told a stranger right before he opened fire: “watch this”.

Ok. OK. We get he was nuts. He also heard Sharpton, Obama, DeBlasio and Holder justify the riots because the police were treating blacks like criminals before they even arrested them.

It’s about time to start judging criminals like criminals instead of like black people. And it’s about time for black people to start doing the same thing instead of trying to get criminals off and out of jail instead of condemning criminals because they are criminals. If criminals are black that’s not someone’s fault. Same if they are not black.

It’s time for black leaders to start condemning Al Sharpton for starting riots with lies. Same for the President. Get over the fact that some people are not black. Stop stereotyping blacks as innocent victims. Sure there are guilty blacks but not every black criminal is a criminal because they are not black.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley is a killer because he shot two cops, not because he’s black.

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