She lied about being white: claimed she was part Cherokee. An expert and respected Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes, whose group of researchers has done more than anyone to document Elizabeth Warren’s false claims to be Cherokee, was incensed at Warren’s continued insistence that she is Native American but plenty of white people are incensed because Warren is ashamed to admit she’s white. The good news for Republicans is she’s at least race-ignorant or just a big fibber at heart. Neither option is good for running against Hillary.

Warren didn’t become Cherokee until she was 37 years old and a lawyer. That’s when she started saying she was a “woman of Color” meaning she wasn’t white anymore. Warren still refuses to release her records from University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law, the same place from which President Obama won’t release his records either. What’s in the water in Cambridge that makes graduates so secretive? Lie-Serum?

This is a big deal because if she’s really white, it destroys her integrity. Either she claimed to be Native America or she didn’t. If she did she needs to admit what she did and explain why she did it and kept it up. If she didn’t, a simple denial is all that’s needed. She has no third choice here.

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