He lost again for team U.S.A., his country of residence but not the place where he wants to be so he’s been ruining America for Americans. The guy is far worse for America because regardless where he was born, he hates this place. Take a look at the video’s coming out of Cuba with no new cars. Cubans have to drive the oldest cars in the world because the sanctions had an effect. But Obama has no heart for a freedom culture so he slams America because, …he says,… someone handed their keys to him because they though he was a valet. Yeah, so?

Everyone didn’t hand him their keys but Obama decided that means everyone is against black people because they think they are servants by nature. The man is seriously down the rabbit hole as far as thinking the right things.

Two more years of Obama Rule and Obama Rules before the voters can elect someone who is at least someone who has America, not just the American Left at heart.

Here’s the take-a-way for Americans. Everyone knows what’s been going on in Detroit and now Ferguson. Obama has been helping the black population more than the Asian, Spanish or White people. Meanwhile, the blacks have been busy making many places uninhabitable for the law-abiding despite all of the special favors that have been done for them. Now Obama has gone out of his way to help Communist Cuba. Why?

Why not?

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