Suppose about one in six Americans are just dumb, what does that mean?

America is one of the most advanced nations on the earth but it’s not like most other nations because there’s no such thing as “An American” like there’s a German or an Italian. America has far more internal divisions by race, nationality, race, religion, race and gender. Just like every other culture there are very smart people: in tribal cultures they become Chief’s; smart people who become leaders, average people who are the largest group, dumb people who can function but can’t do lots of different things and some people who just can’t do much of anything. they need help to get along and even to get by. That’s the basis of The Welfare State; to help the people who can’t get by on their own.

The mythical ideal society, the one described by people like Karl Marx has two kinds of people, the Rich and The Rest. The rich. according to Marx shouldn’t be rich because they took the money from the poor, which is preposterous but that’s Marx for you. Preposterous.
Doctor and Professor Charles Murray studied hundreds of thousands of people and found that most people are of average intelligence but about one in six are just dumb. Dumb people cannot get on without help from some other people.

Dumb people are the best excuse the Left used to turn America into a Welfare State. They refuse to come right out. That would upset the dumbs so the myth goes on that everyone’s equal even though everyone knows it false. It’s sort of like torture. Everyone does it but no one admits it.

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