He should know because he’s a college teacher who gets a first hand look at Americans in the classrooms and research labs at MIT where IT’S HIS JOB to educate students. If American’s are stupid it’s partly his fault but only the part that includes the students he teaches.

We know people are not stupid. “The Bell Curve” by Professor Charles Murray meticulously documents the results of IQ tests which measure General Intelligence. The Bell Curve proves most people aren’t stupid and it lists not only the people who are exceptions, in other words, real stupid people, but also the really smart people who are also exceptions to the average intelligence of Americans. The problem for Gruber is that The Bell Curve proves him wrong. The American people are not stupid. They are not even below normal in intelligence.

It’s possible to educate people so they have more information about the world. Before being educated they are intelligent but not educated. Intelligence doesn’t change much during a lifetime. It’s a fact that some cultures are more intelligent than others.

There are 196 countries in the world. Americans are more intelligent than some other cultures where the people are uneducated in addition to being less intelligent.

Gruber should have told the truth that people trust other people and he violated that trust. Shame on him. People certainly trust college professors and above all, MIT professors. It’s unthinkable to most people that a college professor would lie especially about something as important as the government’s health care program but that’s what Gruber did.

OTOH, as Professor Gruber and his deceiving friends know, people are routinely deceived by people in government. Politicians are well known as big liars. Now Gruber has revealed he and his colleagues, other college professors will routinely deceive people and as shown in the Gruber video’s, laugh about how they agree with Gruber that the people are stupid and easy to deceive. They should know that it’s their deceptions, not the intelligence of the people that cause the problems.

Plus, it’s a bad idea to have confidence in professors as professor Gruber has shown.

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