The real winner of World War II was Socialism. The secondary beneficiaries are the dregs of America, the winners who get free stuff from other Americans, courtesy of the Left who have been running America since before WWII. The Universities pushed Marxism down the trusting, unsuspecting throats of America until today the Left want’s to release criminals because they were arrested by the police who, they believe, brutally murdered Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Travon Martin. How crazy are they? Crazy like the fox that’s designed to ruin what’s left of America while they turn it into just another third world dictatorship of the majority.

To the capable Americans: Run!

The Left has several agenda’s, all of which are successful to varying degrees but all of which have succeeded.

First is the Welfare State; it’s supporters and beneficiaries.

Second, the Marxist / Socialist / Race- Industrial Complex that wants to continue to turn America into a vast Socialist-based culture based on not on a Constitutional Rule of Law but on a so-called Majority Rule culture which will be ruled by the Marxist / Socialist / Race-Industrial Complex and:

Third the people who absolutely hate America because it exists.

Diana West wrote: “On Saturday, Nov. 16, (2013), the United States marks a milestone: the 80th anniversary of when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt recognized the Soviet Union and “normalized” U.S.-USSR relations. It is a day that should live in infamy.” Why? Because FDR began lying about Stalin, and Soviet Communism’s plans to take over the world.

West continues: “As detailed in “American Betrayal,” U.S. recognition of the USSR was more than a strategic blunder (although the strategic nature of the blunder is also examined). There was a hideous moral cost as well.

“FDR’s decision to convey legitimacy on the Communist dictatorship followed (or came in a lull of) what we now know as the Ukraine Terror Famine. This was Stalin’s state-engineered famine that purposefully starved 5 or 6 million people to death, maybe more. While officially lied about — the first “Big Lie,” as epic chronicler Robert Conquest calls it — the truth of Stalin’s famine was “widely available” in the West in scores of newspapers. The subject, however, didn’t even come up in U.S.-USSR negotiations over recognition.”

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