Take over the education system in the Middle East like the left Wing Liberals did in Ameriaca. Sure, it took 75 years but it worked. Liberals changed America from a culture steeped in Liberty to a “1984” “Big Brother” Hyper-Regulated Super State with math and science challenged students who cannot locate Africa on a map. That’s how successful Liberals have been in dumbing down America. Let’s do the same thing to the Terrorists in the Middle East.

Instead of depriving captives of sleep to get actionable intelligence, send American College Professors to destroy their culture like the Left destroyed Free America and elected Barack Obama.

America’s Freedom was changed from individuals doing their own things to getting permission from Big Brother. American government has gotten involved in every element of every individuals life and the people are happy in their deluded state. The power lusters in government are delighted to regulate everything from the size of the puddles on the pavements to the size of salt grains.

If you disagree with government, like some of the Tea Party types have tried to do, government investigates and punishes you. The message is clear: what you do or say doesn’t matter.

The formula to defeat Terrorism is rather simple. It defeated Thomas Jefferson’s America. It worked in Peoria. It worked in Ferguson and Staten Island and it will work in Iran, Iraq and Syria too.

Take over the schools. Populate the professorships with AA’s. It can be done and the proof is: it was done.

“There was Alan Egan, who taught Obama foreign policy with Larry T. Caldwell. Egan was an Argentinian-born Marxist who attacked ‘Friedmanite’ economic policy. Caldwell taught antipathy to Reagan’s anti-Soviet policies, calling them ‘myopic’ and warning that the policy of confronting the Soviet Union was ‘bankrupt, devoid, and bound to fail.’ In his view, America should just reconcile itself to the fact that the Soviet Union was a ‘global superpower’ and cut a deal.”

“ … There was also Lawrence Goldyn, a homosexual activist and Obama professor. …”

“… Barack Obama’s favorite professor was Roger Boesche. David Maraniss, author of Barack Obama: The Story, writes that he ‘worked his classes through Nietzsche, Tocqueville, Freud, Weber, Sartre, and Marcuse, following more on the questions they raised than the answers.’ … But Maraniss omitted Marx from the list, airbrushed no doubt because we know Boesche was Obama’s ‘favorite professor.’ We also know that Boesche’s favorite political philosopher was Marx, whom Boesche said he ‘loves,’ as evinced from his lecture given while Obama was still a student in April 1981.” Quoted from: (Here.)

The Marxists including President Barack Hussein Obama took over America’s schools several decades ago with professors like Ward Churchill, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayres and the Sociology Departments in the Ivy League Universities like, especially, Columbia, Harvard and the Universities of Pennsylvania, Princeton and Cornell, to name just a few of the hundreds of Marx based American colleges.

The use Black Race Centrism to help Marxists take over America worked. That shows the immense power of being shrill in false argument. Obama was taught by Marxists like both his parents and Ann Dunham’s parents, by avowed Marxists like Frank Marshall Davis and Rev. Wright easily one of the most shrill Anti-American [AA] black race hustlers. Obama credits them all in his books.

The President was taught the doctrines and economics of anti-Capitalism. He absorbed the lesson’s well because it appealed to his psyche. That shows with every study made of his career and his administration. The doctrines of the American Universities are Marxist at their base and anti-American in their economics and politics. Anti-Americanism is taught by such Marxist professors as Angela Davis, . to elect an anti-American, him, who’s been further regulating and ruling like the tyrant he is. So many citizens hate America that it is in danger of being taken over by the Mosque Crowd.
The secret to the Left taking over America was to get professors to stop educating and start churning out political activists. Leave a few science and math courses in the curriculum but use the Ward Churchill/ Bill Ayres/ Bernadine Dohrn tactic to get the universities to train teachers who can reliably train Community Organizers and Agitators to, for example, get the police to stop arresting black criminals.

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