Unfortuantely for us good Republicans a new low class political website has been making the rounds in support of supervisor Deon, attacking the Democratic candidate and viciously attacking four private citizens. It’s the same scurrilous website the bad Republicans used to get elected in 2009. Attacking an opponent is expected but lying and defaming four private individuals is a dirty trick. There’s no doubt about the purpose of the website. It’s to get Deon re-elected. It’s bad because it’s full of lies Because it’s a political ad that attacks private citizens it shows how rotten Deon’s judgment is and proves how desperate he is to get re-elected. The power has overcome his good judgement but perhaps that’s too kind. Perhaps he never really had good judgment.

Reported on Deon’s Political Website:

“Despite the fact that I have no control over the web site in question, I am publicly requesting that whoever is responsible for the posting of the pictures of my opponent remove them immediately,” the site said. “I do not wish to be associated with this web site or those responsible for its creation.” 

Notice the weasal-wording.

1.      “…no control over the website”    2.      “…..requesting that whoever is responsible”  3.      “I do not wish to be associated with”

A.   No control does not mean  had nothing to do with it.   B.   Requesting is not the same as: Unauthorized use of. C.   I do not wish to be associated with does not mean I had nothing to do with it. Deon doesn’t want to be assiciated with it now that it’s been condemned so effectively by Rodger Bushnell, Joe Carney and me. Ny guess? Someone in authority called Deon and told him what to say.

Clearly Deon is mis-directing the reader. The association of Deon with the offensive and defamatory website is solid and unequivocal. It’s part of his campaign and he has not denied being involved with it.   

There are “rules” that cover taste, class and style in most human endeavors. When a candidate like Supervisor Deon who has a bad record because of his votes that increased our TOWNSHIP taxes and made us pay 238% of what we paid before Deon took office, he’s vulnerable to people who resent his overspending. He can ignore his record but we are stuck with his higher taxes. Over the past five years we have paid more than double what we paid before deon voted to increase our taxes. When he lies about his responsibility for the spending and the higher taxes then blames the two Democrats it makes his lies worse.  We’ve complained at the Supervisor meetings but not only has he ignored our complaints, in the new Northampton Township HATE-SITE he implies it wasn’t just him that raised taxes.

Some people in Northampton can easily afford more taxes but our seniors, many on a fixed income are hard hit when Northampton taxes more than double. Deon’s had five years of rule over our money and that’s enough. He wants to follow the lead of Komelasky and become a perennial candidate.

Komelasky is the quintessential perennial candidate. He’ll be in office 30 years when this term is up. That’s too long.

The ‘HATE-SITE” attacks some of our private citizens, including me, a previous candidate against Deon who almost knocked him off. Private citizens are being attacked because we speak-up at SUpervisor meetings and the truth is something Deon refuses to accept. He’s obviously pretty desperate to get re-elected and he’s one of those people who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The attacks against four private citixens proves that point. It’s unusual for a candidate to attack private citizens but there he is, front and center.

He’s a sore winner because after the election he slammed me in the Courier. He did it again last night, October 24 at the Republican Committee meeting. He called me a sore loser. That’s plain mean. I didn’t win but it’s unfair and just not true that I’m sore about it. On the other hand, Deon must think I have some sort of obligation or duty to support him because he’s a Republican. I support a lot of Republican candidates over the years, the one’s who deserve my vote. He does not.  

So I’ve decided to answer the comments from the website that has guess who, front and center? Right. Another political hack who wants to join Komelasky as a another perennial candidate who seems super-glued to the supervisor chair. The website says it’s about lies and boy is it ever. Deon claims he didn’t raise taxes. Before Deon our township tax was 4+ mills. Now it’s 11+ mills. Simple arithmetic shows the taxes are over double what they were before Deon. There are lots of wrong statements in the political website that are not true or maybe half true, like Deon’s false statement about not raising taxes. I’ll show the HATE-SITE comments in Green and the truth about them in Red. The analysis will be on this and four additional posts titled “HATE-SITE” Page two, three , four and five. It’s too bad this kind of behavior is continuing to go on. Deon should resign. He’s caused too much chaos in Northampton. He embarassed himself with his notorious Pay-To-Play e-mail. He was forced off two Republican committee’s but Gretel Bleich re-appointed hin to the township republican committee where he wturned on her and helped remove her from the committee. Deon’s one of the biggest causes of the chaos in the township. When he’s gone we can have peace again.


Deon’s campaign website states: “There are also those that stoop to the level of erecting “Dump Deon” signs.  I cannot tell you the number of people who approached my wife and me at the polls during the primary who could not believe that people, even in politics, would engage in such tactics knowing that we have a school aged child in the community.”

I designed, printed and erected over 100 24 inch DUMP PAY TO PLAY DEON signs and four large four foot by four foot ones. All the large signs were stolen or vandalized too. Dump Deon is a message to the voters to refuse to re-elect him. Deon’s concern for the school aged children in the community can be seen by the $10,000 tapping fee he and his cronies charged the parents of his supposed political enemies in the West End. Or in the viscious attacks on Frank Rothermel at the supervisor meetings. Did he worry about the effect on Supervisor Rothermel’s children? Was he thinking of the effect on his own daughter? No. He will use his daughter to cover up his venomous behaviors towards people including getting rid of Gretel Bleich after she felt sympathetic towards him. That’s why Deon is unfit for supervisor and why he should be dumped. DUMP PAY TO PLAY DEON is really a more kind way to say “Remove This Scoundrel from office for Pay-To-Play, for lying about his opponents and for the general dis-respect he has shown to the residents. ”   


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