*Obama is a happy nihilist. He revels in the destruction of America.
Obama disguises his nihilism behind various virtual verbal and behavioral masks: a jihadist/terrorist wrap-around mask revealing only his eyes, a Venetian carnival mask to express his practiced insouciance, a bandit’s bandanna to avoid identification.

To understand the phenomena of Barack Obama and his continual grabs for power, his indifference to Congress, and his hostility to America and to Americans, realize he is merely the manifestation of over a century and a half of political and moral thought, the practicing heir of 2,000 years of group adoration and individual condemnation from Lucifer to Plato to Augustine, Aquinas, Immanuel Kant and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and the practical Saul Alinsky who dedicated his first book to Lucifer, the heavenly carrier of the light while he masked his foundational evil. Obama’s brings Lucifer full circle to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

His predecessors, Republican and Democratic, subscribed to some of the Presidents agenda; the Republicans, to preserve the shifting status quo; the Democrats, to advance the Progressive, collectivist agenda to transform America to a thoroughly regulated nation. The scurvy encrusted Liberals from academia to Moscow have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with the election of the first true believer and follower of Marx: Barack Hussein Obama.

America is hated for her success. Obama is the current manifestation of that hatred.

*Refer to “Obama’s Tribal Warfare Agenda, Capitalism Magazine, Ed Cline.

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