He’s on his way to splitting America worse than the First Civil War because of race. What an American tragedy this man has been. What further punishment will he impose on innocent Americans? Taking more money from Americans who work for it and earn it and giving it to people who don’t in the name of compassion is a from of moral treason that’s worse than the Communism imposed on Russia by Lenin. That communism was known and open compared to this man with a hidden agenda who’s used subterfuge and trickery all his life.

If he want’s to cure American injustice he can start in his office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but his present course is to cause racial collisions whenever and wherever he can. Single handedly he’s picked the scar tissue off the battles of the civil war and brought back the memories of problems solved a hundred fifty years ago. There was no problem with race that he hasn’t resurrected and blamed people now living for the actions of people long dead.

There are differences between black and white people that are important but largely irrelevant because they were solved long ago. His recrudescence fantasied a new racism that blames the innocent and exonerates the guilty. History will mark his psychosis.

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