Either he’s the dumbest man ever to have heartburn or he’s lying ~ yet again.

Everyone knows about “TUMS”.
Heartburn ~ TUMS.
It’s like “Cops Pick on Black Teenage Males”; everybody knows that, at least everybody like Obama.

Actually the president’s heartburn serves him right. He’s been giving the rest of the world heartburn for six years so it’s about time he got some of his own medicine.

No one goes to the hospital for heartburn. That’s what Pepto-Bismol’s for. A knock-off is sold in dollar stores but none of the better people in the White House know about a dollar store. That’s yet another penalty for being rich. This gets even richer.

Rich people not knowing about TUMS goes along with when you live in a Chicago Palace like the Obama Circle does. Thanks to Tony Rezko who sort of maybe just donated to Obama’s Senate Campaign because he was just another up-standing example of the Affirmative Action the “Move-On.org” mobs are demonstrating to get more of in America.

He’s got an ulcer or worse. He’s in hospital to get a better read on the extent of damage, not because of acid reflux which is a symptom, not a cause. Turn about is not always fair play but this man hasn’t been fair so there. He’s sick and many people around the world are too. Sick and tired of his extreme, narrow Liberal wrong ideas about who we are as Americans.

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