Let’s put cameras on the liars. That’s President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder and their secret meetings doing the taxpayers. Nancy Pelosi should get two cameras because she lies out of both sides of her mouth. So does Harry Reid. Two for him too.

Secret meetings by elected officials should be forbidden. Camera’s in the White House and the offices of Congress and the Senate. It’s only right and fair that the people’s business be seen by the people instead of hiding everything from them. Obama even hid his college courses and his marks. Privacy? Not for elected officials. Their business is the business of the public.

How about finding where all the racist charges are being ginned up? Look inside the White house. It’s impossible to find a restaurant where black people can’t enter and get served. Segregation is over. Integration is the law and the rule of the land. No need for camera’s in the restaurants but camera’s should be worn by the President, the Attorney General and his gangs and mobs of supporters where racism talk has been brought back even though there’s no more segregation. Obama went to Harvard. A black man went to Harvard and was elected President. If he thinks America is racist he needs to be talked to by a psychiatrist to find out how he went so wrong.

Notice Al Sharpton want’s to encourage racism because that’s his meal ticket. He refuses to orate at white gatherings so he only slams whites at black events. Yes, whites are invited so they can be made uncomfortable because the message is; the wrong message to the wrong people; the message to blacks is that you are victims because white people don’t like anybody but white people. Sharpton and the race hustlers only travel in a bubble they stage manage to keep up their false message that segregation is still with us.

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