Ferguson is the connection between the attacks on businesses in Germany and America on November 9-10, 1938 and November 24, 2014. The German word Kristallnacht is “Crystal Night” in English. It refers to the broken glass that littered the streets from the broken windows of businesses in Germany, windows broken during a state supported night of rioting.

The parallels between pre-war Germany and present day America are deeply disturbing. The use of the law in both cases to move the national dialog away from government abuse and blame an innocent group is frightening to witness. The history books are clear on the causes and consequences of Kristallnacht. Leonard Peikoff has wrote “Ominous Parallels” which lays out the philosophical connections.

American newspapers and news reports confirm the power of the American Racial Industrial Complex which blames white raced people for causing problems for America blacks. The President blamed the police in Ferguson and by extension every police officer in America for causing the Ferguson Riots just as the LA riots were justified based on police brutality towards Rodney King. “White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Colin Flaharty lists several hundred race riots in America since the ’60’s. Houston, we have a problem. We don’t need the President maliciously stoking the fires of riot but that’s what’s going on.

The American race-based riots are not because of police brutality towards lawbreakers who are arrested. Race based riots have been happening since about 1964 but lets keep the focus on Ferguson because that’s still in the minds of most people. What caused Ferguson? Is it really race? Is it the difference between black people and white people? It certainly seems like a riot is justified if it can be somehow connected with white people.

In 2013 Professor Jack Kerwick wrote: “That everyone in America now knows the names of Trayvon Davis and George Zimmerman is a tragic commentary on the times. It is tragic because it is a bold-faced confirmation that the Racism Industrial Complex (RIC) is the hegemonic power of our generation.

“The agents and officers of RIC include the majority of journalists and commentators in corporate media; most academics in the liberal arts and humanities departments of America’s colleges and universities; entertainers; and politicians. In concert, they labor fast and furiously to ensconce within the American consciousness the idea that blacks and other racial minorities are perpetual victims of “white racism.”

“But because it has become all but impossible to any longer find instances of white-on-black brutality to exploit, the agents of RIC, from sheer desperation, have resorted to creating, not just “white racists,” but whites. In spite of the fact that no one who has seen any photographs of George Zimmerman would think to identify him as a Caucasian, and even though Zimmerman himself identifies as Hispanic, RIC agents insist on depicting him as white.”

President Obama has escalated Ferguson into an international issue because what goes on in America is known around the world within seconds because of social media. Social media is not a solution. In the case of Ferguson it is showing the basis of Kristallnacht.

We have been here before.

Professor Kerwick: “None of what has been said here should be mistaken for hyperbole: the Racism Industrial Complex is truly villainous. But because it has been with us for all too long, we have become desensitized to its character. Think about it: for the purpose of serving themselves, RIC agents are willing to sacrifice innocent human beings, to say nothing of the well being of their country, so as to stoke the flames of the most inflammatory of topics—“racism.” There is no lie that they aren’t willing to purvey, no distortion that they won’t commit, if it serves this end.”

“This is evil.

And everyone, both those within RIC as well as those who would comply with its wickedness through their silence, has innocent blood on their hands.”

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