It’s easy to distract Americans from the failures of the Obama Presidency. Amnesty will do it. So will Israel but the biggest, most successful distraction for Obama is: Racism. Guaranteed to rile up most folks because of their racial hatreds towards whites and blacks. America is fixated on fairness so the charge of Racism always works. Whites are immediately shamed when the white race is condemned as racist because white people feel bad about slavery.

Never mind that no one in America knows a relative who was a slave or who had slaves and had to sell them. The charge sticks to white people. Even if a white man marries a black woman he’ll be called a racist whose guilty conscience made him find a black female and marry her. Any white man who doesn’t marry a black woman is clearly a racist and he’ll probably agree with you that he’s racist.

President Obama has failed miserably as President. His foolish policies caused the Republicans to sweep the elections and get control of the Senate. They already had a majority in the house but even that increased because of Obama’s wrong policies.

Michael Brown came along at the right time for Obama to change the national conversation to “racist police”, a nonsense charge that will cause more resentment among some police officers. Just trot out ole’ Al Sharpton and instant control of the national dialog.

Unfortunately as a propaganda issue to distract voters from real issues, Racism is working.

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