Michael Brown would still be alive if he had been taught: “Hands Up: Don’t Shoot”.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus were grandstanding in front of the T.V. cameras in Congress today with their hands up. Too bad that doesn’t mean they give up corruption in favor of doing some governing but their message to black people to put their “Hands Up” and say “Don’t Shoot” would even work at Wal-Mart on Black Fridays when the pushing and shoving crowds would do better to put their hands up instead of putting their fists up.

Too bad they didn’t tell the Knock-Out gamers to put their hands up instead of viciously sucker punching trusting people by knocking them out and video-recording the knock downs. These are sick people who need to be arrested, tried and convicted but at least trying to teach them to put their hands up instead of in someone’s face would help some of the innocent, trusting victims.

Hope that the “Hands Up: Don’t Shoot” initiative for black people works. It’s a great idea.

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