Was Michael Brown high on marijuana when he punched Officer Wilson in the patrol car and when he charged the officer twice while he was being shot?

Michael Brown did well in school so he had more than sufficient intelligence to know right from wrong. Charging a police officer who is shooting at you is abnormal behavior. Most people would stop moving when told to stop by a police officer as officer Wilson did to Michael Brown. Most people would not dare reach inside a patrol car and punch a police officer as Michael Brown did

The St Louis Medical Examiners Toxicology Report dated August 10, 2014 showed Michael Brown’s blood had 57 nanograms per Milliliter of “DELTA 9 THC [12 NANOGRAMS PER ML] AND 11 NOR DELTA 9 THC-COOH [45 NANOGRAMS PER ML] which are Cannabinoid elements. Here. Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the primary psychoactive compound of marijuana. The medical examiners report states the detection of Delta 9 THC in the blood defines impairment.

A test of Michael Brown’s urine revealed a concentration greater than 25 nanograms per milliliter of 11 HYDROXY THC and a concentration greater than 150 nanagrams of 11 NOR DELTA 9 THC COOH. Those are also elements of cannabinoids which reveal Brown was impaired from marijuana during the theft of cigars; when he physically pushed around a store clerk; when he reached into a police car and repeatedly punched Officer Wilson and during the time he was charging the officer while the officer continued to shot him because he refused to stop his charges. He charged once; stopped and charged again.

The detection of marijuana in his blood and urine is in the information given to the Grand Jury who found officer Wilson was justified to continue to shoot at Michael Brown while he (Wilson) was being attacked.

Perhaps Attorney General Eric “I was stopped by the police” Holder should trouble himself to become familiar with the toxicology report and to actually think about what it reveals. The report is devoid of racial animus. A blood and urine analysis is a non-racial activity so Holder might want to hold up on the accusation of racial animus while he thinks about the toxicology report.

No, that cannot happen. Holder cannot remain objective because he holds racial attitudes against white people. In that regard, so does the President. So does Louis Farrakhan and other prominent black leaders and black people who cannot conceive how white people think because he is not white and white people are not black. Those are the elements of a disastrous result whenever a bi racial conversation is needed. It’s not that Holder cannot get it right. Of course he can and he does. SO does everyone else. But Holder is a race based man. Specifically he’s a black man who cannot get over the idea that everyone is not black. Holder has a bias. It’s a bias towards blacks. That puts his thumb on the scale every time he in in the presence of other people. that’s how bias works. Holder most likely will never change.

Can people of different races live together and flourish? Of course, –but not everyone.

Race had a hand in the death of Michael Brown. It’s an unfortunate element in the psyche’s of far too many people and President Obama has fanned the flames of division along racial lines. It could have been different. It should have been different. Most people believed Obama would be different and that he had the abilities and character traits to bridge racial differences. Most people were wrong.

President Obama certainly didn’t want Michael Brown to be killed. Most people are appalled that he was killed but unlike the President most people are indifferent about race so they are shocked to see that so many black people are so militant towards them. They learned that from watching and judging the events and the behaviors of so many mistaken black leaders who cannot jump the fence and put their racial views behind them.

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