There’s an unbelievable amount of evidence of the crimes of Michael Brown in the Grand Jury Report: (HERE). Despite the evidence both the President of the United States and his Attorney General are busy whitewashing the criminal element in Ferguson who burned down businesses and disrupted the lives of the innocent people of America.

Criminals are nor normal nor are normal people criminals. Criminals are not insane. They calculate carefully and plan their crimes. Most people believe criminals are “born that way”, or fall prey to influences completely beyond their control – poverty, abuse, etc. That’s not true.

The Ferguson criminals are misfits who are responsible for their own behavior – it’s not the fault of their parents, nor the “village”, nor of society – nor of Adam and Eve. It is a misconception the person inclined to be a criminal is because of his or her parental upbringing, poverty, influential friends, mother, father, family and neighborhood.

In his book, “Inside the Criminal Mind,” Stanton Samenow the author states, “Criminals cause crime – not bad neighborhoods, inadequate parents, television, schools, or unemployment. Crime resides in the minds of human beings and is not caused by social conditions.”

The individuals who rioted in Ferguson must be caught, tried and sentenced. As long as that doesn’t happen America will continue to witness more lawless riots, thefts and burnings because some black people have become successful fanning the flames of a false narrative, that white people cause criminals to riot. Criminals riot because they are criminals who want to riot. The President should not help them but he doesn’t want them stopped. The black rioters help the President disrupt America. Both the black mobs or the mobs of black people and the black race hustlers benefit from the chaos caused by black people and by some very few white people who have been mislead into believing the black people of America have been victimized because of white people. Most white people are indifferent towards other people because in America other people are no problem for other people. That includes black people.

It’s too bad the President doesn’t get that. That’s why he’s the worst ever American President. He works for blacks against whites.

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