WOW! Who thought the invectives: (“God Damn America!”) from Rev. Wright could be surpassed? “But when we die and they die, then soon we’re going to sit at a table and talk about it!” Right. Two dead people sitting at a table. The dead can talk.

Farrakhan says he doesn’t want peace but that’s all there is to fight for. Everything else is fighting just to fight. Despite what Louis thinks or says, dead people have no power. Why would Louis give up his oratorical power? He won’t admit it but he needs peace to make anything worthwhile.

The race problems in America are worse than ever. race will always be with people but fighting about nonsense isn’t a good way to spend the limited life we have. Obama says race is a police problem. No, it’s not a police problem. Why would the police care if Louis’ people burned down America? The blacks will have to rebuild or move where there are more whites. The whites can move more easily so Farrakhan is not hurting whites with his invectives. Like a lot of people who don’t get it about race, things won’t get better when things are burned down. It takes thought and energy to rebuild. Farrakhan knows that. He just has to be part of the protests otherwise he disappears from the public stage.

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