He’s supposed to be the American President, not the black president but that’s the way he rolls. Obama cannot help himself. He’s against the police. He’s against the Grand Jury and he’s certainly favors race based politics and initiatives. Why else has he mis-directed government efforts away from support for the rule of law in favor of support for the rule breakers.

Michael Brown should be charged post-mortem with the crimes he committed before he foolishly tried to bully or even to kill officer Wilson. A law enforcement officer should never have to use deadly force to defend his own life as Officer Wilson had to do. The credible eye witnesses corroborated and supported the events as officer Wilson described them. Calling Michael Brown anything different than a common street bully is a wrong description.

Using destructive riots to impose a race-based agenda on the police by the federal government is a Constitutional violation. One more for the President. He needs to get himself under control.

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