Ferguson, Missouri. What just happened? WHY?

Why did some people riot? Should something be done to prevent more riots?

The people to ask are the rioters but of course they’re not talking, at least neither to officials nor to reporters who can do the work to get to the root cause of the riots. The trigger was the attack on police officer Wilson. The perp was killed by the bullets he provoked. Ferguson rioters came to a different conclusion. They believe Michael Brown was deliberately murdered.

There are deeper, social issues. The number of unemployed is a huge factor. Employment brings in more money than the government provides from welfare but for many people welfare is enough to get by. Put that fact down as one of the reasons some people on welfare are happy and content to live on welfare. If so, why are they angry?

The lack of the ability to separate contradictions. Put that down as another riot factor. Welfare has limits. Some people don’t like the limits. They see that other people have more money and live a better life. they conclude, wrongly, that welfare is not fair to them because other people (those who work at jobs) have more money.

It’s a fact of nature that everyone is different and some people have more money than others because of those differences. Luck has something to do with success. So do good looks; a better education; and rich parents. Those on welfare don’t have rich parents. They conclude life has been unfair to them but unfairness is another fact of nature. Things don’t get shared. People refuse to share their money.

The fix for Ferguson is to make everyone equal in all things but clearly that’s unnatural. The second fix is to get more poor people off welfare by getting them jobs that will make their life better. That’s reasonable and possible but it will take time and effort. Who will do it? Business people.

So the answer in Ferguson is for business people to create more business for themselves so they can afford to hire people to work and to pay them a good wage. Easy? Sure but impossible if rioters won’t work. that’s where Al Sharpton and other leaders can help. It’s easy to get in front of a microphone and talk. It’s much harder to get out into the community and encourage business to people who are unfamiliar with commerce. Again, leaders can do some hands-on to show people how to start and run a business. Easy? No, of course not but there’s nothing else that’s going to solve the problems of Ferguson.

Commerce will cure Ferguson.

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