There were four opportunistic people at Obama’s Thanksgiving dinner. The White House confirmed he ordered six pies for the four people: Banana cream pie, Coconut cream pie, Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, Pecan pie, and Cherry pie.

While poor Americans had to do with nothing or maybe a meals donated at a shelter, the Obama’s feasted on two kinds of meat: Turkey and Ham.

While the burned out businesses of Ferguson were still smoldering from the Obama inspired Riots he gorged on both Oyster Stuffing and Cornbread Stuffing. Seven side dishes in all in addition to the turkey and the ham. The increased cost of Medical Insurance brought in lots more money so the Obama’s simply took what they wanted and stuffed themselves with tax money on Thanksgiving. Only two more after this.

Obama has caused bitterness across America and around the world with his immaturity. Even with his unlimited food budget he still lacks fine taste but his stain on history has been augmented by the media’s failure to report incidents accurately when perpetrators are black, when they report them at all which is very, very seldom. That failure, undermines the media’s credibility and actually risks encouraging even more black racist paranoia.

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