Very funny. The opposite of the defense of the police in Ferguson happened in Obama’s speech’s: at the U.N; at the Black Caucus and in his post Grand Jury report. Were those accidents or is Obama really not supporting all Americans?

The plain facts are clear from Obama’s words in his two books, ably reviewed and documented in Stephen Sailer’s book: “America’s Half-Blood Prince”, a book title adapted from the sixth and penultimate novel in the Harry Potter series, written by British author J. K. Rowling. The facts about Obama’s biases however are not matters of fiction. Obama has demonstrated time after time his animus in favor of African Americans. That’s wrong to do. It’s wrong because black people are not the only people in America. It’s wrong because white people are not against black people. It’s wrong because Michael Brown, not officer Wilson, is responsible for his death.

How can so many people get so much so wrong? People have the ability to reason. How can people accept different versions of the death of Michael Brown? Eric Hoffer has some explanations in “The True Believer” Some people simply follow the leaders. President Obama has become America’s first president to divide Americans into Blacks and Whites and to support blacks over whites. Would that were false.

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