The President Needs To Walk the streets of Ferguson and get the rioting people calmed down. He started the Riots in Reaction to the Verdict of the Grand Jury and he needs to admit what he did; step up, visit Ferguson and get the rioters to go home.

In the eyes of the world the rogue President of the United States Started the Ferguson Riots and he needs to get them stopped.

Same for Attorney General Holder. These two men need to stop their anti-American behaviors that have illicitly worked some people into a lather and thereby caused the Riots In Ferguson by manipulating some people by telling them, wrongly, that they are victims. they are being used in the most dreadful way by Obama.

The President focused the shock of the world on America. His and Holders behavior needs to admitted by them and stopped by them. It’s been condemned by people of good will and common sense around the world.

Dividing people and goading people into rioting, burning, stealing and then attacking the police and the Missouri National Guard is what the President and his syncophant Attorney General have done. That’s atrocious. Attempting to blame the criminal rioting on race is as despicable as blaming the Benghazi murders on a video and a video maker. These two men are a disgrace to the human race. That’s the only race in evidence. Notice that the rioters and their marching supporters are not mono-raced.

Dr Ben Carson said: “Race relations were better before Obama.” See: HERE.

Ilana Mercer wrote:
“Other than interfering with the decision of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to declare a state of emergency in Ferguson, on the eve of the grand jury’s decision in the matter of Michael Brown, as well as instructing local law enforcement authorities in “proper” policing, not to mention inserting himself qua long-suffering black man into the narrative of oppression—the attorney general of black America, Eric Holder, delivered these not-so veiled introductions, Friday:

* To Police: “It is vital to engage in planning and preparation, from evaluating protocols and training to choosing the appropriate equipment and uniforms.” (How about adding garlands around the neck, Hawaii-style?)

* Guess whose side the AG is on: The “demonstrations and protests … have sought to bring attention to real and significant underlying issues involving police practices, implicit bias, and pervasive community distrust.”

* Listen-up, you “nation of cowards,” hurry up and change your errant ways: “… demonstrations like these have the potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue, to provide momentum to a necessary conversation, and to bring about critical reform.”

* “… progress will not come easily, and long-simmering tensions will not be cooled overnight. These struggles go to the heart of who we are, and who we aspire to be [an Obama oft-repeated cliché], both as a nation and as a people—and it is clear that we have a great deal of important work to do.”

“True to type, Holder has taken sides.
Breitbart reported: “Eric Holder had rushed to Ferguson, Missouri, to racialize the shooting of Michael Brown.”

Obama and Holder need to stop inciting riots. They need to get to Ferguson and tell the rioters to go home.

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