Is this the end of the American Experiment? Does Ferguson confirm the impossibility of equal justice for white people as well as black people before the law? Can a bi-racial jury convict a mono-raced person?

A Grand Jury bears the power to protect each person in America from prosecution by the District Attorney. Read that again. The District Attorney cannot put anyone on trial because the D.A. does not have that power. A Grand Jury does. The Grand Jury is there to protect Darren Wilson from being wrongfully prosecuted. the Grand Jury exists to protect each and every American Citizen and it would have indicted Michael Brown. That’s the unfortunate but unvoiced conclusion about a grand Jury and it’s wrong for it to continue to be kept secret.

Michael Brown should be prosecuted post mortem but because of the rioting mobs the truth about him will continue not to be revealed. The rioting mobs are causing a lot of truth about Michael Brown to remain secret. Rioting mobs have that effect. Perhaps they will end the idea that different raced people can live together. Some can’t.

The Washington Post unwittingly revealed it’s wrong judgment about the Michael Brown affair. Philip Kennicott wrote: “…it takes a lot more social energy and investment to produce a hostile police force terrorizing its citizens”. (Here).

It takes far more social energy by Phillip Kennicot to get it so massively wrong about the police; about Ferguson and especially about America. He needs to grow a lot more.

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